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Gifted by FreeFrom is FreeFrom.org‘s social enterprise focused on generating domestic abuse survivor wealth. The store features curated gift boxes including all natural self-care products made by survivor entrepreneurs. 70% of the price of each box goes directly to the entrepreneurs who handmade the products. To purchase visit GiftedbyFreeFrom.org.

Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary is a one-million-acre jungle and wildlife conservation project, founded in 2004 by attorney David Casselman. It is also the safe haven featured in Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story. To learn more about CWS click here.

To discover more about Dr. Bob Hariri and how he is changing the field of bio-medicine through stem cell research, check out his two companies Life Bank and Celularity

If you want to learn more about Tamar Geller and how to “coach” your dog’s behavior, check out her website here

To learn more about the KetoPet Sanctuary and the services they have to offer, visit their website here

For everything you need to know about helping your pet live it’s best life, and to learn more about the Ketogenic diet, visit Planet Paws here

If you want to learn more on how to set a proper diet for your dog, and the dangers of over vaccinating, check out Dr. Barbara Royal’s website here

If you want to do the mantra taught to me by spiritual psychologist, Diane Porchia, click the picture to the left! It can really help if you are the type to do everything for everyone else and nothing for yourself!

If you want to help find a cure for Batten Disease click the picture to the left and donate to the Charlotte & Gwyneth Gray Foundation! You can also do a social media post. Be sure to tag @CureBatten & do the hashtag #GivingTuesday

This man, who is homeless, gave the woman beside him his last $20.00 so that she could fill up her gas tank. She proceeded to start a GoFundMe page for him that has raised over 380 Thousand Dollars. To donate or read more of his story, click the picture to the left!

If you want to help bring an end to human trafficking, join Blythe Hill in her “Dressember” Mission and wear a dress (or Bowtie) each day of December in an effort to fundraise. Click the pic to the left for more info!

To adopt a baby elephant through DSWT, click the photo to the left!

To work with Dr. Heather Richardson of the Bedford Breast Center in Beverly Hills, click the picture to the left!

Can you believe that a person who is blind made all of these paintings? John Bramblitt is amazing! To work with him, click the photo to the left!

To learn more about what you can do to help our homeless female veterans click the link to the left and check out Lysa Helsov’s documentary, Served Like A Girl!

Click the picture to the left for a full list of all the support group sites that our guest, Melinda, mentioned have helped her in her survival!

If you are interested in working with psychoenergetic healer, Chuck McCaughan, click the picture to the left!

Click here for a full NY Times List of All The Places You Can Donate To Help Survivors of Hurricane Harvey

If you want to get in touch with Senator Kevin De Leon to Show Support For The California Values Act, click the pic to the left!

You heard CEO/Founder of Rally Health on my show today. He taught how you can lower your premium through Rally Health by engaging in good preventative care. To find that out and more, click the pic to the left!

If you want to adopt but don’t have the money or want to support someone else’s adoption click the photo to the left and donate or create a profile on AdoptTogether – the world’s largest crowdfunding adoption community. Founded by Conversations guest, Hank Fortener

If you want to join the weSPARK community in making a difference in both cancer patients’ and their loved ones lives, click the picture to the left and donate 🙂

Help Goats Of Anarchy founder, Leanne Lauricella, keep rescuing goats by clicking the picture to the left!

Help the White Coat Waste Project fight back against the USDA animal lab information blackout. Help pass bipartisan FACT Act to end animal lab secrecy by clicking this picture!

You heard the girls from Genesis Girls And Tech on my show. To donate or get involved, click the picture to the left- you can make a difference in these young girls lives!

Updated 9/27/16 – Check out some of the things Maria has learned recently + tips from our listeners when it comes to beating cancer and over all well-being. You can leave comments too, if you want to share -> Click here!

On a mission to find a donor match for Adam and it could be YOU! Get educated on how easy it is to register and donate if chosen. Lets be the change. Please take a moment to read Adam’s story: Hi Everyone, last month I was diagnosed with Primary Myleofibrosis, a blood cancer that can’t be cured unless I have a bone marrow transplant. I am a husband, and father of 3 beautiful kids. For the past month I have been flooded with love from family, friends, and people who I have never met. At first this seemed like something that would be scary and tough however, the overwhelming LOVE that I have seen is giving me such strength and is fueling me. I am on my second round of chemo and feeling as strong as I have felt mentally and physically and this is mostly due to all of you amazing people. At this point I do not have a perfect match … Read more about Adam & how you can help here also on social media @hope4Adam

On the show 9/13/16 we talked about Kristen G.’s petition to help get nursing care for her disabled child. Please consider signing the petition that will be delivered to: Senator Richard Blumenthal. Click on the link to read her story.

On the show we did with Ajay Gupta he spoke of Vanguard as one of the best companies to partner with when you want to start saving and compounding your money. Click here to secure your financial future.

My friend Emmanuelle Chriqui is a big supporter of the organization Raise Hope For Congo, their whole goal is to Protect & empower Congo women.

Mentioned on the show:

Get actress Tiffani Thiessen’s debut cookbook Pull Up a Chair: Recipes from My Family to Yours wherever books are sold!

Debbie Ford’s sister Arielle Ford found this beautiful book of prayers after Debbie succumbed to cancer and had it published. Get Your Holiness wherever books are sold.

Check out Richard Boddington’s new movie “Phoenix Wilder and the Great Elephant Adventure” in theaters on April 16th!

Listen to Stanaj’s new single with Afrojack “Bed of Roses” here

Listen to Ashanti’s new single featuring Ty Dolla $ign “Say Less” here

Get your dog off of kibble and check out these 3 Brands recommended my Dr. Barbara Royal


Raw Bistro


If you want to try Laura Wasser’s online divorce platform, itsovereasy.com, click HERE or on the pic to the left!

To learn Kathy Wakile’s recipe for heart-shaped pizza, click the picture to the left! To get her dessert recipes, click here!

To get Maria’s holiday ‘Gifts That Give’ guide, click the pic to the left!

To get Rachel Zalis’ gift guide for the women in your life, click the pic to the right!

To check out Allure Magazine’s beauty Gift Guide, Click the picture to the left!

To check out AJ Jolivette’s Tech Gift Guide, click the pic to the right!

If you want to visit Kym Herjavec at her studio, click the picture to the left!

To find out how to be a boss on Social Media click the picture to the left!

To get John Amaral’s free Webinar, click the picture to the left!

Help Bethenny with her mission to serve those in Puerto Rico by clicking here

For More info on Evy Poumpouras click here

Click the pic to check out this game-changing book I just finished called, “The Obstacle Is The Way”

You have to check out this life-changing book, The Book Of Joy. Click the pic to learn more.

You heard my therapist Chuck talk about the book, The Five Levels of Attachment. For more information, check it out here!

You heard Dr. Black talk about this new vitamin, CogGevity, which can help keep your brain healthy. To learn more, click here!

To hear Josh Robbins explain step-by-step how you can reduce your 401K Fees, click the pic to the left!

If you want more information on how to hold your employer accountable and what hidden fees you could be paying in your 401K, click the pic to the left!


For more information on Wim Hof AKA the Iceman click the picture to the left!

This is the place I stayed last weekend that I talked about on the show. It’s life-changing, I swear. For more info, click the pic to the left!

For more info on Kym Herjavec’s new fitness center click the pic to the left!

My producer, Lauren LoGrasso is an awesome singer/songwriter and playing a show at Rockwell Table& Stage in LA on Sunday, 04/30 at 7pm. To get tickets click the picture to the left!

If you want to vote for the Women’s Choice Award Show, do so by clicking the pic to the left!

If you want to use the Vanguard fund to access the power of compounding with no money down, call 800-499-9829. For more detailed information on how to invest in the Vanguard fund Ajay Gupta recommends click the pic of Ajay and me to the left!

Click the picture to the left to get tickets to see Hank Fortener Speak at the Bootleg Theater on April 11th!

Click the picture to the left to book a reading with our color astrologist, Rose Theodora!

If you want to check out our color astrologist, Rose Theodora’s Jewelry line, enamel diction, click the picture to the left!

You heard my orthodontist, Dr. Hakim, on the show today. If you want more information about him and his practice, click the picture to the left!

Today I went over some of my favorite Skin Care products during my #AskMaria segment. Click the picture to the left to find out what they are!

If you want to check out some of the Tech Health Solutions AJ Jolivette Shared on the show, click the pic to the left!

To do Ida Kendall’s guided meditations, click the picture to the left!

If you want to work with my amazing hypnotherapist, Ida, you can get in touch at MaryIdaKendall.com or by clicking the picture to the left!

You heard me talk about We Spark on the show-they are an organization that offers free support groups, integrative therapies, and creative and educational workshops to all those whose lives have been affected by cancer. Check it out and support them by clicking the picture to the left!

If you heard Psychic/Medium Thomas John on my show and want to attend one of his events click the picture to the left to find out where you can see him!

You can get tickets to the Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival presented by Pasqualle Rotella and Insomniac Events by clicking th epic to the left. You might just see me there!

Looking for some cool clothes to wear to music festivals? My guest, Pasquale Rotella has you covered. You can get his fashion line for Insomniac by clicking the pic to the left!

Today on the show you heard me talk about my realization that I have big balls. I told you about the time I dressed up as Dolly Pardon& performed in front of a huge crowd. Check out the video here!

If you’re in the LA area and want to see Agapi Stassinopoulos, check out her event this Saturday, February 25th from 2-4pm at Unplug in Santa Monica. Click the picture for details!

I talked on the show about going to my friend Haroula Rose’s concert last night. She is such a talented singer/songwriter! Check out her music by clicking the picture to the left 🙂

You can see Kirsten Vangsness’ show “Mess” at Theatre of Note in Hollywood now through February 26th. Tickets are $20.00, get them at theatreofnote.com!

Want some free grub for you and your love? Check out this list of places you can get free food on Valentine’s Day by clicking the pic to the left!

You heard AfterBuzz TV host, Stephanie Giorgi on sharing her story of survival & strength after her scary sexual assault. It is a must hear for all women and men who care about women. Click the picture to the left to hear and read more!

Lynette Carolla came on and talked about her company, “Carolla Drinks” Check them out by clicking the pic to the left!

This iPhone holder will change your life, chk it out by clicking the picture to the left!

You have heard my friend and guru, Yogi Cameron on the show many times. Become a part of his exclusive members only site by clicking the picture to the left!

On the show, my osteopath, Vicky Vlachonis mentioned the health benefits of dry brushing. If you’re curious about how to do it, click here!

You heard Emilia and Jonas speak about Cryotherapy on the show today & you’ve heard me speak about its benefits many times! To get Cryotherapy with them & find out more information about their company, Cryo Healthcare, click the picture to the left!

Click the picture to the left to hear my producer, Lauren’s original song, “For The Child In You (Santa Song)” & Follow her on instagram/twitter for more music: @LaurenLoGrasso 🙂 ps- the song was based on the Grove Santa who we had on the show

On the show on Thursday, January 12th, we had our tech guru, AJ Jolivette! Click the Picture to the left to find out what tech items will help you keep your New Years Resolutions!

Check out this website for the best medical information on published articles and findings. My “go-to” for anything medical-related.

We talked about this story on the show. When a woman who worked in a sex store was approached by a man with a gun trying to rob the store, she threw dildos at him. Click the link to the left to read more on this unbelievable story!

Click the picture to the left to see my gift Guide for the Holidays! I have included everything from Adidas Sandals, to my books to personalized Jewelry! Hope you love it. XO, Maria 🙂

Click the picture to the left to see AJ Jolivette’s Tech Gift Guide!

Click the picture to the left to see the whole Allure Gift Guide. Includes Gifts for your guy, too!

On the show Audrina Patridge talked about her awesome swimwear line, Prey Swim. Check it out by clicking the picture to the left!

The #FITmas day two challenge: try Harley Pasternak’s Apple Pie Smoothie for Breakfast. Click the picture to the left for the recipe!

My friend Nicole Bryl Will be coming on the show this week to share an exclusive offer on her skincare line for my listeners. When you order one of her large skincare kit you will receive one complimentary 1oz Face Perfecting SERUM, which is worth $279.99 OR for those who are on more of a budget, if you purchase the TRAVEL size kit you will receive a complimentary 1/2oz of the Perfecting SERUM


Want to achieve the look you see above? Simply click the picture & hear how my stylist Dimitris did it!

On the show 10/11/2016 Maria talked about how to best utilize the space beneath your stairway – inspired by Betty McCall. She has created a “studio-apartment-under-the-staircase” for her pup Poncho – it has all sorts of amenities, including a cozy bed, a lamp, a picture of dogs playing poker and a mini grand piano. There’s even a hat rack for a sombero. You can read the entire story here.

Check out this great long-lasting nail polish! Essie Gel Couture Kit!

On the show 9/14/2016 we talked to Elvira – the one and only Mistress of the Dark. Her new photo book is out in October 2016. Follow her on social media:  twitter @TheRealElvira insta: @elvira.mistressofthedarkfacebook.com/TheRealElvira

#TBT to my WrestleMania shirt. I go to uberprints.com for all my custom shirts. Kev & I have so much fun making these shirts!

Try this and expand your emotional intelligence + so much more from Dr. Travis Bradberry

Love movies?? So do I! Checkout Popcorn Talk – all about movies!

AfterBuzz TV is an online broadcast network with +23 million weekly downloads from over 150 countries, created by Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro, dedicated to producing ‘after-shows’ for favorite TV shows.

DDP YOGA combines the very best of Yoga, Traditional Fitness, Sports Therapy and Dynamic Resistance to create one of the most effective fitness plans in existence today. Check out my dear friend DDP’s site

To get the Allure Magazine Beauty Gift Guide click the pic to the right!

To get Allure Magazine’s Luxe Beauty Gift Guide under $50, click the pic to the right!


For more information on our friend, Geoff Stults’ movie, 12 Strong, click the picture to the right!

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days is a MUST WATCH. Join my TV obsession by clicking here

I am obsessed with DICE check it out by clicking here

I loved GLOW! Check it out by clicking here

You MUST watch Kevin Hart’s special, “What Now”! I died laughing!!!

Check out John Singleton’s new show, “Rebel” on BET. Tuesdays at 10pm. More info by clicking the pic to the right!

Check out David Lascher’s movie, “Sister” by clicking the picture to the left!

Check out Tom Papa’s Hilarious Stand Up Special, “Human Mule” by clicking the picture to the right!

Today we had Terra Jolé from Little Women LA on the show. You can catch the season premiere on Wednesday, February 28th on Lifetime at 9pm.

I am OBSESSED with this show! You must watch it!

Cannot tell you how much I loved “A Monster Calls.” It’s a MASTERPIECE! This movie effected me more than I could’ve imagined.

P.S. – Make sure to watch it when you’re ready for a good cry. 🙂
I HIGHLY recommend The Edge of Seventeen directed by the phenomenally talented, Kelly Fremon Craig. It is in theaters now. Go see it today!
Today on the show we talked about Emmanuelle Chriqui’s new show, “Shut Eye” On the show she plays a hypnotist. She is fantastic. Check it out by clicking the picture to the left 🙂

As Anthony Weiner navigates the fallout (his wife, Huma Abedin,announced plans to separate from him on Monday morning) of yet another alleged sexting scandal — his second since landing in hot water after tweeting explicit photos of himself to a woman via Twitter in 2011 — buzz surrounding the recently-released documentary about his life, aptly titled Weiner, has reached an all-time high.  The social and political aftermath of #Weinergate 2011 is intensely chronicled in Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg’s sometimes endearing, often uncomfortably funny, endlessly fascinating portrait of the former New York congressman. Showtime will premiere the documentary on television for the first time, with an airing planned for Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. ET on the network. Weiner is currently available to watch On Demand and to rent on iTunes, VuduYouTube, Amazon, and Google Play. See the film’s full trailer here.

The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey, a four-hour limited event docu-series, unites former investigators with new experts to re-examine the 20 year-old unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey. The series is produced by Critical Content, with Tom Forman and Eddie Schmidt serving as executive producers. It aired in September 2016 on CBS. 

On the show 9/13/16 we talked to the talented actor @KurtYaeger who is starring in the new Cinemax show QUARRY – click on the link for more info. Here’s a little bit: When Marine Mac “Quarry” Conway returns home to Memphis in 1972 after fighting in Vietnam, he finds that he has been shunned by his loved ones and demonized by the public. Upon his return stateside, Quarry struggles to cope with what he experienced and witnessed while at war and readapt to civilian life. As he struggles to make ends meet financially, Quarry gets drawn into a network of killing and corruption that extends throughout the length of the Mississippi River, and The Broker — the cunning, secretive crime boss who runs the operation – takes a special interest in him. Watch trailer!



Try Maria’s Greek Delights – out now! Available on Amazon.com now!

My new book, The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking is out now. Get cooking

One of my fave dips! You can get the recipe from my book by clicking on the picture! Enjoy

Click on the picture for all my fave Thanksgiving Recipes

You heard our Fashion expert/Celeb Stylist, Jack Eustace on the show today. If you want to rent a nice piece, check out Albright Fashion Library, where he is the stylist and the managing director. http://albrightla.com/

We had a talk with Carson Kressley & here’s a few tips from him:

– Mix and match your wardrobe with stylebookapp.com
– A Uniform is a great idea for those with a busy schedule
– Invest in a few staple pieces and accessorize with less expensive brands

– Recycle your clothes by donating or selling good places to go include:
– INA – a consignment store in NYC
– pickupplease.org – who donates to Vietnam Vets
– GoodWill
– Dressforsuccess.org- donates clothes to low income women who are going on job interviews

Wanted to share my tips to growing beautiful healthy hair

Fashion Expert Rachel Zalis shows us how to re-create these 2016 Oscar looks for less!

Yup, bringing back the BANANA CLIP!!

Talked to eonline about all my fave products – chk it out


Tips From Celebrity Dog Trainer, Tamar Geller
-When giving dogs ginger pills (or any pills they require) put them in a pill pocket
-Rescue Remedy for dogs is good for anxiety
-Make sure you find a groomer that hand dries your dog (never in a cage or kennel)
-If your dog is getting older, or if you just want to prevent hip/back problem, add little doggie stairs by your couch or bed and train them to walk up them, rather than jump

If you have been feeding your companion animals commercial pet foods, you may be jeopardizing their health. Supermarket pet foods are often composed of ground-up parts of animals deemed by U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors unfit for human consumption. Many of these animals eating this have died of infections and other diseases. In all but a few states, it is legal to remove unusable parts from chickens and sell them to pet food manufacturers. Most pet foods contain the same hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics that are found in commercial meat products for humans. If you are concerned about your companion animals’ health and about the cruelty of the meat industry, now is the time to stop buying meat-based commercial pet food. Learn more about healthy vegetarian dog and cat food options.

Every Monday I work with Wags & Walks to post a dog that currently needs a home. Owner of Wags & Walks Lesley Brog witnessed people dropping their dogs at shelters for a variety of reasons, but rarely was it through any fault of the dogs, and yet shelter dogs endure the unfair and unshakeable stigma that they are damaged goods. In 2009, Lesley mustered up the courage to leave her comfortable pharmaceutical sales job and vowed to make as big of a dent as she could in this misconception and resulting shelter overcrowding crisis. Armed with dog-loving, intelligent, loyal volunteers who share Lesley’s can-do attitude, Wags & Walks has saved and successfully placed hundreds of family friendly, healthy dogs.

Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions was established in 1994 by Burt and Tracy Ward to create a loving and stable environment for giant breed dogs while finding them safe and loving homes. Gentle Giants now rescues 45 different breeds of dogs ranging from 2 pounds to 300 pounds and during the last 18 years has rescued and saved more than 14,000 dogs.

For the past 20 years, Petfinder has helped 25 million pets find their families through adoption. Check out PetFinder.com here

David Duchovny talked about his new campaign, “Lick My Face” — which benefits Target Zero, a “nonprofit working to get animal shelters across the US to zero kill of all adoptable cats and dogs.” “What they do works. And it works fast,” he said

For a dog food, what could contain more protein than whole meat? Well, surprisingly, a quality grade meat meal can actually be a more abundant source of protein than the whole meat from which it was made. Here’s why. Meat meal is a dried end-product of the cooking process known as rendering. Rendering is a lot like making stew — except that this stew is intentionally over-cooked. With rendering, you start with a meat stew, cook away the water and bake the residue.  And you end up with a highly concentrated protein powder — or meat meal. For more facts click here.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is today the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

The VanderPump Dogs Foundation runs on the idea that it is vital to build strong relationships between dog-loving communities in the United States and animal advocates around the world, including mainland China. By starting with Yulin and the Guangdong Province, the two most notorious in China, we can start a domino effect across the world. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where all dogs are treated with the compassion and respect that they rightfully deserve. We’ve recognized that the most efficient way to get something changed is to make sure people know about it.