Become A Social Media Boss!

Tips From Jen Powell on How to build A Social Following
1) Post everyday
2) Be Authentic
3) Not too many hashtags- looks trashy
4) Photos do not have to be professionally taken, but all pictures must be aesthetically pleasing
5) Make sure your overall aesthetic is in the “same world”
6) Do insta stories!

Once you have a following (at least 5-10K), you can begin to develop brand relationships by:
1) Reaching out to brands directly (via DM or Email) and ask if you can post for a repost or for a trade of clothing
a. Should be a brand you already use and post about

Once you’ve proven conversion & have a decent following (at least 10k), you can start to monetize by reaching out and partnering with companies such as:
1) Scorecard
2) Instabrand
3) RewardStyle
4) LikeToKnowIt

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