Celeb Trainer Harley Pasternak Fitness Tips + Tony Robbins Energy Healer Interview

On this week’s episode of Conversations With Maria Menounos, you’ll hear some of Maria’s best interviews from her SiriusXM Stars show! Including one with Baby Daddy star, Derek Theler, who teaches a new, easy way to test your blood sugar. Plus, get health and fitness tips from trainer to the stars, Harley Pasternak. Finally, find out from Tony Robbins’ chiropractor and energy healer how your emotions can affect your pain and what you can do about it!

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  1. Cyndi Bailey says:

    Have to tell you my story about your show..
    It was a Saturday morning in October and I went to buy raffle tix for a fundraiser st my kids’ high school. Well typically I would not be out on a Saturday morning. It so happens a replay of your show was on and you were talking about your brain tumor and your mom’s. Someone asked you how you found your mom’s . You said she had recurring sinusitis and requested an MRI. Well that totally spoke to me because my best friend of 27 years has been suffering lfrthis for YEARS! As a matter of fact she had just had another sinus surgery and still felt like shit. I heard that about your mom and immediately called her and asked if she had ever had one. She had not. Said you’ve got to get one. … fast forward to about 2 weeks later and Sheryl had just got out of another appointment with her ENT. Still feeling shitty and frustrated ! She got in her car and guess what was playing on her XM radio??? That same broadcast I had listened to! She got in her car at the exact spot of the sinusitis /MRI comment. It spoke to her as well and she called her ENT immediately
    And told him to order an MRI for her. He didn’t think was necessary but said he would. She had one a few days later and a brain aneurysm showed up!!!! Needless to say she got appointment with neurologist and is having surgery December 20th yo remove that time bomb!! We are both beyond thankful for you and your show and the information you spread! Not to mention your positive loving attitude ALL THE TIME!!! ThAnk you for the info that saved my friends life!!!!
    Sorry so long:)
    Cyndi Bailey


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