Keep Your Resolutions Through Technology!

The Six Resolutions:

Gain Better Health/Fitness

*Smart Scales- scales that understand BMI, track weight loss and are connected to mobile devices
Find one here:

Getting More Organized
Organize your computer- two programs:
*OmniDiskSweeper for Mac:
PC- TreeSize::

Making More Money
Rebate Sites-if you’re going to spend money, you can at least get it &

Finding Love/A Relationship
AJ’s Recommendation is It uses a weighted algorithm where you can weight different attributes or values. Therefore, you’re finding someone who you are more compatible with in a deep way.

Changing Your Career
Take a course on Udemy- It is a learning site with fantastic courses to help you change career—you can get courses for 90% off:

Making Life More Efficient
Speaky Program- can copy any URL and when you open up speaky, the webpage will open up& speaky will read it to you

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