Maria Shriver on Dangers of Adderall + Meditation with Mallika Chopra

Emmy-winning journalist and number one New York Times bestselling author, Maria Shriver and her daughter, GOOP Assistant Editor, Christina Schwarzenegger. When Christina decided to do something about the epidemic of Adderall abuse in America, they took the project to Netflix and became the executive producers of Take Your Pills. We cover how the education system and parents perpetuate Adderall abuse among students, and the reasons behind why Millennials are burning out faster than anyone. This mother/daughter duo speaks from experience!

Plus author, speaker and wellness expert, Mallika Chopra. She began meditating with her father, Deepak Chopra, at age nine and has since taught the practice to thousands of people. Now helping kids discover the benefits with her new children’s book Just Breathe: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement, and More, her tips make creating a meditation practice easy. Mallika also teaches us a great game for families—or anyone—to practice gratitude, and tells how we can help kids criticize themselves less.

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