About The Show

Conversations With Maria Menounos is a SiriusXM Show featuring Host Maria Menounos reflecting on her life inside and outside Hollywood while engaging in intimate conversations with stars, newsmakers and successful women, discussing their journeys, thoughts and passions, too. It also exists as a weekly podcast, Conversations With Maria Menounos “Best Of”, and can be found on iTunes each Friday at 11am PST. There’s always laughter and even some tears, as Maria and friends talk about everything from pop culture to fitness and health to relationships and career.

“Fans always ask me: how I lost 40 pounds, how I broke into show business, how I manage a tough schedule, how I’ve been in a 18 year relationship, what my days in Hollywood are like, what my thoughts are on trends and what I do for fun. I give as many answers as I can while talking to celebrity friends and influencers about their thoughts, lives and journeys, too. We discuss everything from news and pop culture to fitness and health to relationships and careers and we literally laugh and/or cry just about every show. But with any luck we’ll not only be entertained, we’ll learn enough from each other and maybe make life just a little bit easier.” –Maria

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