Fully Raw Kristina + Marriage Boot Camp’s Dr. Venus Nicolino

Author, influencer and founder of the FullyRaw community, Fully Raw Kristina. When type 2 diabetes made her chronically ill as a teen she discovered the benefits of eating a raw vegan diet. Determined to help others get healthy too, she shares her story, tips and more with us in this interview. Kristina reminds us that food is medicine, covering the vast health benefits of a raw vegan diet, which will blow your mind!

Plus, clinical psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Venus Nicolino coaches celebrity couples on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. But she has some strong words for all of us in her new book, Bad Advice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Age of Bullshit, and joined us for a very candid conversation. She explains that as humans we’re designed to help each other feel. But what does that mean? From taking responsibility for the leadership roles we play to the questions we should be asking others about ourselves, Dr. V. covered it all.

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