Taking on 2019 + Mindful Investing with Seth Streeter

Founder and C.E.O. of Mission Wealth, Seth Streeter, empowers us with the tools to connect our finances with our values. Known as “The Mindful Investor,” Seth helps people expand their wealth beyond the financial. He explains the ten dimensions of wealth, how millennials have shaped the way people think about money, and the benefits of socially conscious investing.

But first, Lori Bregman joins Maria for a motivational conversation about taking on the new year better than ever!

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How To Manifest Your Goals + The Difference Between Resolutions & Intentions

​On this week’s episode of Conversations With Maria Menounos, you’ll hear some of Maria’s best interviews from her SiriusXM Stars show plus Maria gets honest about her obsession with gross YouTube videos. Later, you’ll hear The ‘Sage Goddess’ Athena Perrakis give her take on the difference between a New Year’s resolution and intention, and how to be more aware of your energy. Finally, hear from celebrity doula & life coach Lori Bregman about how to powerfully manifest in the New Year through vision books.

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