Anita Moorjani On Crossing Over & How To Recharge Using Your Life Force Energy

New York Times bestselling author of Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani is back! This time around she’s teaching us about life force energy and how we can use it to recharge ourselves and shine our brightest light. Anita explains that illness starts at the energetic level, and following her own near death experience and crossover to the other side she’s learned to eliminate from life what drains her. With reality star Jenni Pulos and celebrity dog trainer Tamar Geller joining in the conversation this is a must-listen!

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Anita Moorjani’s Fascinating Near-Death Experience + Miraculous Cancer Recovery!

On this weeks episode of Conversations with Maria: The Podcast Edition, Bravo star Jenni Pulos joins Maria in the co-host seat for an interview with special guest, New York Times best selling author of “Dying To Be Me” Anita Moorjani, who opens up about her near death experience & miraculous recovery from cancer.

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Gene Simmons Secrets to Financial Success + Unique Take on Parenting

On this week’s episode of Conversations With Maria Menounos, you’ll hear some of Maria’s best interviews from her SiriusXM Stars show! Including Maria’s chat with music legend and New York Times Best Selling author, Gene Simmons! You’ll hear Gene’s secrets to financial success & his very unique view on parenting! Plus, TV Personality/Friend, Jenni Pulos & Maria get tips from hypnotherapist, Ida Kendall, on how to survive in a relationship where you’re a saver and your spouse is a spender, how to navigate the tricky times we live in & how to have compassion for those who have wronged you.

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