Zoe Saldana Extra Promo for Conversations with Maria Menounos

A promotional clip that Extra aired May 15th, 2013 about Zoe Saldana’s interview on Conversations with Maria Menounos.

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Maria Menounos Reflects on Zoe Saldana

Maria Menounos gives her reaction immediately following her 1st Conversations with Maria Menounos interview (with special guest Zoe Saldana).

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Zoe Saldana Writes a “Fishbowl” Question

Immediately following the inaugural episode, Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana enters a very risque question into our fishbowl of questions from other stars for upcoming stars on the show.

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Maria Menounos Talks with Zoe Saldana in ‘Conversations’ Premiere


“Extra” is excited to share the first episode of “Conversations with Maria Menounos,” a new digital media series hosted by our very own Maria Menounos!

In the series, Maria conducts one-on-one interviews with stars and influencers, produced by Underman-Omegagirl Productions, Telepictures Productions and The Weinstein Company.

In this first episode, “Star Trek Into Darkness” star Zoe Saldana opens up about the heartbreaking loss of her father growing up, her rise to fame, her hopes for motherhood in the future and shares some honest opinions about racial and gender inequalities, Hollywood stereotypes and love.

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