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Feta Dip Recipe

Serve this creamy, spicy dip with crudités or pita crisps. Add as much or as little crushed red pepper as you like. Use it as a dip or a spread. Imagine this on your next chicken sandwich!


1 pound feta

1/2 cup olive oil

1 tablespoon crushed red pepper, or to taste

1 tablespoon black pepper

Combine Cheese, oil, crushed red pepper and black pepper in a food processor. Blend until smooth. Finished product pictured below 🙂



Maria’s Top Classic Movies

Hey Guys! Here are my top classic movies, as discussed earlier with TCM Host, Ben Mankiewicz. What are yours? Check mine out and comment what yours are below 🙂

Fave Classic Movies :
-Wizard of Oz (Fave of all time)
-The Hustler
-Whatever Happened to Bobby Jane
-A Place In The Sun
-The Man Who Knew Too Much
-It’s A Wonderful Life
-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
-All About Eve
-Gone With The Wind
-Casa Blanca
-Sunset Blvd

Five Step GTD Process

The 5-step Getting Things Done (GTD) Process/Method:

  1. Capture – identify anything that has your attention- notice it everything filling your mind and write it down. I mean everything: little, big, write it all. Remember: Your head is for having ideas, not holding them. In doing this step you’ll need collection tools such as an in basket, tray, etc. It doesn’t matter where you write, as long as you write it all down.
  2. Clarify- In this step you get your in-basket empty- you figure out what do you need to do to take the ideas that were filling your head into actions. Ask the following:-Are they actionable?   What is the next action?What is the project that will come as a result of this?
  3. Organize– Park results in a trusted organizational system. AKA figure out what results you want from these actions and organize them.
  4. Reflect- Look at your calendar –be able to see what you decided and what you kept track of it. What do you need to look at? How are you going to orient yourself? Also, do a Weekly review. This is a key element that most people are not doing—once a week take a look at yourself for 1-2 hours to make sure you are on track
  5. Engage- Choose where you put your intention on what you do. Make a trusted choice about what your options are.


Maria’s Goo Recipe

Hey guys! As you know, I have been feeling happier and more peaceful than ever lately. So I want to let you know some things I am doing and actions I am taking that I believe have led me to where I am today! Check out the list below, and enjoy a little magic goo of your own!

My Goo Recipe:

  1. Try Acupuncture
  2. Take vitamins- I take CoQ10, Prenatal Vitamins and Vitamin C
  3. Work out every other day for 30 minutes (Make it manageable, complexity is the enemy of execution)
  4. Wake up earlier than you have to so you have a peaceful morning
  5. Meditate for 20 minutes in the morning
  6. Get to sleep at a reasonable hour- I shoot for 9/10pm
  7. Do Not watch violent movies/TV before bed
  8. Do Not use your phone in the morning
  9. Read less news- It’s good to be informed, but don’t oversaturate yourself
  10. Plan fun into your schedule
  11. Don’t let big problems freak you out or consume you. Figure out a solution, learn to let it go and move on.

Rachel Zalis’ Holiday Looks

Check out Fashion reporter, Rachel Zalis’ Top 5 Holiday Looks:

  1. Feathers: Click Here!
  2. Jumpsuits: Click Here!
  3. Sequins: Click Here!
  4. Tux-Inspired: Click Here!
  5. Off The Shoulder: Click Here!


Click here for fashion expert, Rachel Zalis’ top picks for Holiday fashion.

Yael’s Gift Guide

Click Here for EveryGirl, Yael Tygiel’s Gift Guide For Everyone in your life

1)Sibling: A flight home-

2)Friend: “Coconut Stuff” by CoCo&Co – ‬ ‬

3)Parents: Spa Passes- or movie pass-

4)Bosses/Coworkers: Personalized business card holder-

5)Spouse: lingerie/naughty gifts-  Naughty Gifts:* Lingerie:

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