CWMM – Perez Hilton

In this episode, Extra host Maria Menounos sits down with infamous gossip columnist Mario Lavandeira Jr, aka Perez Hilton. They discuss Hilton’s childhood in Miami, growing up with Cuban immigrant parents and when he began to realize he was different. Hilton opens up about his parents attempt to send him to a psychologist, possibly to be “cured” of his homosexuality at a young age, and the resilience that got him a free ride to the famed Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. They discuss his first jobs, his battle with severe depression- a time where he had daily thoughts of suicide- and the beginning of his now world famous blog. Hilton explains the rise of perezhilton.com and how his “bitchy” alter-ego “Perez Hilton” eventually became his whole identity, making him a “monster.” They discuss his transformation in 2010, infamous feuds and fights with stars and his opinions of some of today’s biggest names, from Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence to Amanda Bynes and the Kardashians. From a “bully” to a baby boy, Hilton takes about the challenges of fatherhood, the search for love and the alter-ego he created for son Mario III aka Perez Jr.

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CWMM – Perez Hilton
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  1. mrsmn2007 says:

    Love the interview Maria. I can totally relate with having immigrant parents and having been an immigrant myself while attending school. Thanks for sharing!

  2. dale310 says:

    An hour and a half video of this self-obsessed dirtbag talking about himself? No thank you. His site has lost millions of viewers and hits, most of his stories get no comments. He has no relevance, your gushing description of him at the beginning was puke-worthy an so untrue. He made his career leeching off the pain of others, he is not someone who is worth an ounce of respect.

  3. marirals says:

    Loved to see and listen to Perez actually speaking. I’ve been reading his
    website since the beginning, definitely gives me another perspective… :

  4. nrguzman says:

    I would like to see Maria interview the following people: Mario Lopez,
    Nancy Dell, Mary Hart, Rona Barrett (she was huge in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s
    and is still around), Cristina Ferrare, Steve Edwards, etc. I really
    enjoyed the interview with Barbara Eden its like they understood what goes
    on behind the scenes, the powerplayers in the industry. There is
    definitely a code of silence about some topics that you just don’t talk
    about if you want to keep working in this industry. You can pick it up in
    their body language.

  5. S Lynch says:

    F you perez you are NOT caingd you are still a f*****b**** you are soo mean
    to Kesha and all the other celebs
    Sorry fore my bad english im am a 12 year old Netherlander


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